Who Are Your Cyber Co-Pilots?

Ready to pilot your way through the ever-growing, crowded skies of IT risk? As we taxi down the runway into 2018, we have chosen our flight paths, identified our destinations, and set our goals. Although our short-term priorities and projects may differ, we all have one goal -- to make the global #aviation network more secure and resilient. In your role as #CISO, Product Security Manager, Intelligence Analyst, Network Architect, or Director of Physical Security, it is advisable to remember the words of Scott Weiss, Founder and CEO of Ironport: “Whatever vocation you decide on, track down the best people in the world at doing it and surround yourself with them.”

As leaders, we are always trying to find the best people to hire into our companies. But there is a higher calling in aviation. The #airline needs the #airport to be #secure and vice versa. The ground support operations and national air systems must all be secure and resilient. There cannot be a weak link in the ecosystem.

How do you, as one individual in a company of thousands, help to build #trust across the entire aviation ecosystem to ensure the security of your supply chain and partners? Where do you find the best people in the world of aviation collaborating on #cybersecurity? A community of passionate, skilled security experts. A community enhanced with the dark web intelligence services specifically seeking threats to the aviation industry. People who interact daily in a secure web portal. Where do you find aviation security analysts who gather regularly on the phone and in person to vet current hot topics, #mitigations, and best practices?

The Aviation ISAC is the premier global organization for global aviation resiliency. Our members, headquartered on five continents, engage daily via our portal, chat tools, and other communications. We break bread together, in person, four times a year. We hold our workshops from Toulouse to Chicago and Geneva to Miami. We make it a priority to get the best aviation security talent face to face. This continuous engagement has led to many wins. Companies sharing intelligence on active threats to the aviation industry, lessons learned from incident responses, and mitigation strategies.

The threat landscape is expanding rapidly as more and more aviation processes are automated or enhanced with a #digital capability. Networks become more vulnerable as more #IoT devices are connected to the networks running core operations. #Europe is mandating the institution of #NIS and #GDPR by May. The FAA is mandating #ADS-B by 2020. Airlines are seeking more and more real-time data from their aircraft and systems, #ransomware is exploding. #China is instituting new cyber security laws and other countries are also setting down security and compliance requirements that demand network security changes and increased reporting capabilities within your organization.

As you approach cruising altitude in 2018 and prepare for cyber turbulence from the expanding risk landscape. . . do you have the best crew in place? Are you surrounding yourself with the best people in the world in Aviation Security?

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