Aviation ISAC members receive a host of benefits based on tier. In addition to threat intelligence data and analysis, our benefits give you access to a range of services that link you to the global aviation community. 

Membership level is determined by the Aviation ISAC.

Please answer this short series of questions to help us determine your tier level. 


Working Groups (WG)

The Network Security Architecture WG addresses security solution engineering for the IoT and cloud services.

The Product Security WG develops and prioritizes product security interests and risks.

The Compliance WG identifies and helps address global compliance requirements, issues, and concerns.

A-ISAC members also collaborate on threat actor activity, exercise planning, and other specialty areas of interest that may develop as technology and threats emerge.

Meetings and Workshops

  • Membership and Community (monthly)

  • Summit (annual; includes student challenge and TTX)

  • Working Groups (schedule determined by each WG)

  • Analyst Workshops (quarterly)

  • Regional CISO Meetings

  • Virtual Analyst Meetings (bi-weekly)


Analytic Products and Reports

  • Daily Aviation Memo

  • Weekly Aviation Memo

  • Daily Portal Postings

  • Best Practices Reports

  • TLP Amber and Red Situational Alerts

  • Tactical Event Rapid Reports in Aviation 

  • Responsible Disclosure Case Studies



Annual Dues

  • Secure portal for sharing and exchange

  • Annual Summit tabletop exercise

  • Network sensor IOC and monitoring device

  • Dark web monitoring (includes domain squatting alerts)

  • Social media monitoring

  • Threat indicator collection and analysis


  • Wi-Fi vulnerability training


  • Tabletop exercises

  • Regional meetings

  • Virtual meetings

  • Portal training

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