A Note to the Aviation Industry

As the aviation industry faces unprecedented challenges, we are seeing a significant increase in cybersecurity fraud and email campaigns. New security concerns are emerging as the industry adapts to a dispersed work force. Budget challenges are impacting staffing and program enhancements.

It is critical that the aviation cybersecurity community strengthen its bonds and accelerate the sharing of threat intelligence and best practices. 

To meet this need, we are offering nonmembers the opportunity to receive select Aviation ISAC communications free for 90 days.


Our Daily Aviation Memo, Weekly Aviation Memo, and selected reports represent a small portion of the materials A-ISAC members receive that provide timely identification of emerging threats and vulnerability issues and help build their cyber resiliency.

We invite you to take advantage of these valued communications as we work to keep the global aviation cyber network safe, secure, and resilient. 

What You'll Receive

Daily Aviation Memo: 

A daily run-down of aviation-related cyber and physical articles published in open sources. 

Weekly Aviation Memo:

A weekly recap of threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigations, and a brief thought leadership article.

Selected Intelligence Reports:

TLP Green reports that address new or emerging vulnerabilities and other issues of concern. 

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